Pawsitive Behavior Consultation, LLC

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Each Package Offers the Following Daily:

  • 20 minutes of basic obedience training and mental stimulation
  • 1 hour of outside play and socialization with other animals
  • 2 hours of free time to lounge about
  • Meal times in accordance to their natural schedule
  • 1 10-minute walk


Your dog's home is my home!  I have a boarding facility as well as an outside playground for your animals.  Exercise includes agility training, mental and physical stimulation, basic obedience, socialization, and advanced obedience.



Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:30pm
Sat: Appointment only
Sun: Appointment only


If you are wanting additional love packages for your pet:
20 Extra Minutes of Basic Obedience Training
20 Minutes of Advanced Obedience Training
 Each 30 minutes of additional Outside Play